I have? That's what I thought
I had

when we
started. That money that you
think you have---I couldn't
find it anywhere. I
want to know where the
money is. He made a

lot of
money once.
Evidently, money is not any
problem. He doesn't need it,
but he

wants to
use it. I spend very
little, and that's what makes
it good for me.
But I've got more than

that. They're all coming due.
What do
we do---
take our money out? Mine
may be going up too.
Then why
don't we
claim it? I was thinking
of buying two, three as
he was talking. I'm
spending the whole thing, because
I really don't do that

much, and
it's well
worth the money. I don't
like her to be so
poor. She

owes her
family a lot of money.
She'll get some--more than
she expected.

Give her
I don't know how
much it's gonna cost me.

How much
is it


from JOY RIDE by Thomas Fink ©2013

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